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capstoneproject's Journal

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Joe and Parker's capstone journal
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This is a journal to keep track of progress made on our ischool capstone project.

LiveJournal (www.livejournal.com) is an open-source online journaling service, developed by Brad Fitzpatrick and a handful of volunteers around the country (and some abroad). There is an information problem between the various volunteers working on LiveJournal, both between each other ("has x already been taken care of?") and between them and Mr. Fitzpatrick, LiveJournal's creator, ("what should I work on?", "do you have the skills necessary to develop x?").

Our project would involve assessing the information needs of the two main stakeholders-volunteers and Mr. Fitzpatrick-and developing an automated system that would enable them to communicate, and for Mr. Fitzpatrick to assign projects to various volunteers with no overlapping and no projects being unassigned. If development work gets beyond the range of our expertise, LiveJournal volunteers have offered to assist me. Furthermore, if our research shows that an existing over-the-counter application suits the needs of the company best, then we will recommend that.

Deliverables List

- Statement of intent
- Interview questions
- Interview narratives (Evan, Brad)

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